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Playtime at the Gym

It brought me a great deal of joy this morning to host Birmingham Area Mothers if Multiples (BAMOM), a nonprofit organization I’ve been very involved with since the pregnancy of my twins.

From hosting monthly gatherings for New and Expectant MoMs to Waddlers and Toddlers for two years to hosting socials and serving as president, this group has a special place in my heart – the people, the resources, the consignment sales, and the mission, not to mention the fun we have together. It’s so valuable for those of us with twins, triplets, and higher order multiples including those who also foster and adopt.

Then we headed back to the gym this evening for a couple groups of SB Gym families to play and open presents for the gym. First, the little ones came to play and open presents including some creative stepping logs and fitness disks. Then, the older kids arrived to open their presents for the gym, which included more fitness disks, a casting pad for the bar that we’ll use for some exciting drills, and cones for various fun activities along the way.

Needless to say, we had lots of fun today! I appreciate all of you who came to play.

Have a great and successful day!



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