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All classes are hosted at Sara Beth’s Gymnasts located at 10699 Old Hwy 280, Bldg 2, Ste 2, Chelsea, AL 35043. Please remember to use the restroom and especially wash hands before coming to class. This really helps eliminate germs and helps keep everyone well.

New Students

Please begin registration at Sara Beth’s Gymnasts Registration where you will complete forms, your Parent Portal account, waivers, and payment information. I’m excited to have you join us!

Current Students

You are enrolled in the sessions you selected your classes in. You can register for additional class sessions at the same time or in your Parent Portal. You will be billed according to the E-Payment Schedule you chose during registration. You can find that in your Parent Portal.

If you want to drop a class, we must be notified via email only by the 24th of the previous month (with a subject of DROP PLEASE) to ensure you are not charged for that tuition and to allow those on wait lists to register in a timely manner.

Important – Please Read

We are first come, first served and those who complete the registration process in its entirety reserve their spot in class first.

Because we must plan for proper staff and ensure classes meet the minimum enrollment, payment is required by the 23rd of the previous month. If not enough sign up and pay by then, the next month’s or quarter’s class could be cancelled, so please don’t wait until the last minute.

For more information about classes including prices, special dates, and more, visit the following pages.





1. Complete Sara Beth’s Gymnasts Registration.

2. Payment via cash and check are due by the 23rd of the previous month/quarter.

  • Current Students: We post tuition between the 15th and 18th of the month based on your family E-Payment Schedule of monthly, quarterly, or school year.
  • New Students: A once per school year registration fee of $35 will be included on your first tuition payment. Additional family is $25 each.

3. Log on to your Parent Portal (using the email address and password from registration in step 1) to manage your account, see messages from Sara Beth, view class information, and more.

4. Join the Facebook Group for class information, discussions, updates, and more. This is where I post weather updates and other time-sensitive information. You also can find us at this Facebook Page and Instagram and YouTube.

5. Finish reading the following important information.

6. Come to class ready to have fun, learn, and enjoy all that gymnastics has to offer.

Before Coming to Class

Please use the restroom before class and make an effort to help your child wash his or her hands before coming to class.

Hand washing with soap and water will cut down on the number of germs and viruses in class helping everyone to stay healthy and well. Remind them to keep hands out of their eyes, noses, and mouths since that is how germs and viruses are so easily spread among children. Plus, cough and sneeze into elbows instead of hands. I appreciate your help keeping everyone well this year.

What to Bring

You need the following:

  • Athletic clothing such as a leotard, tucked-in shirt and soft shorts, leggings, etc. Keep in mind that loose shirts can create difficulty when flipping or being upside down. Shorts that are too baggy may cause your child to be uncomfortable if they expose underwear during stretching or flipping. All shirts must stay tucked in when fully stretching arms above and while upside down.
  • Soft scrunchies or hair ties and only flat snap barrettes so not to injure the head but keep hair safety out of the way is required. Please no headbands, bows, watches, or jewelry.
  • Easy on and off clothing for before and after class
  • Easy on and off shoes for before and after class
  • Diaper with a spare one in your bag (if appropriate)
  • Diaper cover or appropriate clothing but no bare diapers please (if appropriate)
  • No-spill water bottle (for older and/or more advanced students mostly)

About the Classes

If a class you are looking for is not listed, please contact me. The schedule of classes can be found here.

Class Descriptions

Your child will not only learn physical skills but each individual will discover and improve upon their own self-awareness, self-confidence, motivation, determination, safety, goals, guided discovery, and more. Success comes from within, and I want each and every student to be and feel successful by their own standards.

Gymnastics offers many benefits from learning your own balance and agility to strengthening fine motor skills, muscles, coordination, flexibility, self-awareness, confidence, goals, striving for achievements, and focus. Your child will explore all of these benefits and experience the happiness, confidence, and reassurance from being in a positive and physically active environment with healthy movement. So, sign up and join us for lots of exploration.

Additional Courses

Sara Beth also offer swim lessons and a number of Red Cross courses from Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguarding to First Aid/CPR/AED and Basic Water Rescue. We highly recommend Basic Water Rescue for all parents or at least Water Safety Today.

Visit for more information about swim lessons and follow us on Facebook where we post availability and more.

If you don’t see an aquatics class you are looking for, please contact me.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to expand your children’s knowledge and skills, trusting us, and cooperating as it takes everyone to have great classes. Have a great day!