Class Times, Closed Dates, and More

NEW CLASSES – Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheer, and Homeschool – OPEN! See Schedule Below.

Prices listed on the Tuition page are monthly rates. You receive discounts when you pay quarterly, pay for the school year early, have multiple classes, or have multiple children enrolled.

All classes except Team meet once per week excluding holidays and school closures unless otherwise informed. We follow the Shelby County School Calendar for planned holiday closings. Our Facebook page always will have a post if we are closed on a regularly open day.

If you do not see a class you are wanting, I encourage you to let us know via email.

Registration is OPEN! School Year registration opens August 1st. Summer registration opens May 1st.

2022-2023 School Year Schedule

September 6 – May 24 Gymnastics and Homeschool Classes

Check out our new classes and times!

10:00-10:30 Parent and Tot Gymnastics Ages Walking to 4 years
10:30-11:10 Preschool Gymnastics Ages 3-4
11:20-12:10 Homeschool Gymnastics Ages 5+
12:15-12:45 Private Lessons

11:30-12:30 Beginner Spanish (Homeschool Educational Class)
12:35-1:35 Beginner Sign Language (Homeschool Educational Class)
1:40-2:40 Intermediate Sign Language (Homeschool Educational Class)
2:45-3:45 Intermediate Spanish (Homeschool Educational Class)

3:25-3:55 Private Lessons
4:00-5:55 Pre-Team Gymnastics Ages 4+
6:00-6:30 Parent and Tot Gymnastics Ages Walking to 4 years
6:40-7:30 Beginner/Intermediate Ages 8+
7:40-8:30 Tumbling Ages 5+ NEW!

10:30-11:00 Piano/Voice Lessons
11:00-12:00 Musical Theatre
11:30-12:00 Private Lessons

3:10-3:50 Preschool Gymnastics Ages 3-4
3:25-3:55 Private Lessons
4:00-4:40 Preschool Gymnastics Ages 3-4
4:00-4:50 Boys Gymnastics Ages 5+
5:00-5:50 Ninja Gymnastics Ages 5+
5:00-5:50 Intermediate Gymnastics Ages 4-7
6:00-6:50 Beginner Gymnastics Ages 4-7
7:00-7:50 Adult Gymnastics
7:00-8:55 Adult Team Gymnastics

3:10-3:50 Preschool Gymnastics Ages 3-4 NEW!
3:25-3:55 Private Lessons
4:00-6:55 Team Gymnastics Ages 5+
7:00-7:30 Private Lessons

11:00 Ninja Gymnastics Ages 5+ New!
12:00 Homeschool Tumbling Ages 5+ New!

11:30-12:30 Beginner Spanish for Adults NEW!
12:35-1:35 Beginner Spanish 3rd-8th grade (Homeschool Educational Class) NEW!
1:40-2:40 Beginner Sign Language 3rd grade and up
2:45-3:45 Beginner Spanish 6th-12th grade

3:25-3:55 Private Lessons
4:00-4:50 Beginner Gymnastics Ages 4-7
5:00-5:50 Beginner Gymnastics Ages 4-7
6:00-6:50 Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics Ages 8+
6:00-6:50 Advanced Gymnastics
7:00-8:30 Adult and Team Open Gym
7:00-7:30 Private Lessons
7:30-8:00 Private Lessons

4:00-5:55 Team Gymnastics Ages 5+

Saturday NEW!
9:10-9:50 Preschool Gymnastics Ages 4+ NEW!
10:00-10:50 Beginner Gymnastics Ages 4-7 NEW!
10:00-11:00 Sign Language for Adults NEW!
11:00-11:50 Cheer Clinic and Tumbling Ages 5+ NEW!
11:00-12:30 Adult and Team Open Gym
12:00-12:30 Parent and Tot Gymnastics Ages Walking to 4 years NEW!

Important Dates

April 1 Last day for Team decision

May 24 Last day of classes

June 5 First day of summer classes

September 1 Last day of summer classes

September 5 First day of school year classes

Check back for additional dates that may be added throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

April 7th Parents’ Night Out 6pm-9pm

May 5th Parents’ Night Out 6pm-9pm

May 1-11 Parents Preview, May 16 Boys Gymnastics Parents Preview

2023 Summer Schedule

June 5-August 31. Summer registration opens May 1st.

3:20-3:50 Private Lessons
4:00-5:50 Ages 4+ Pre-Team Gymnastics
4:00-5:50 Ages 5+ Team Gymnastics
6:00-6:30 Ages Walking to 4 Parent and Tot Gymnastics
6:40-7:30 Ages 8+ Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics
7:30-8:00 Private Lessons

3:10-3:50 Ages 3-4 Preschool Gymnastics
3:20-3:50 Private Lessons
4:00-4:50 Ages 5+ Boys Gymnastics
4:00-4:40 Ages 3-4 Preschool Gymnastics
5:00-5:50 Ages 4-7 Beginner Gymnastics
6:00-6:50 Ages 4-7 Intermediate Gymnastics
6:00-6:50 Ages 5+ Ninja Gymnastics
6:00-7:00 Ages 4+ Advanced Gymnastics
7:00-7:50 Ages 16+ Adult Gymnastics
7:00-8:55 Adult Team Gymnastics

3:20-3:50 Private Lessons
4:00-6:55 Ages 5+ Team Gymnastics
7:00-7:50 Ages 5+ Tumbling
7:00-7:50 Ages 5+ Cheer & Tumbling
8:00-8:30 Private Lessons

Tuition Dates

23rd of previous month: If you want to pay via cash or check, payment is due in-person by the 23rd of the previous month.

24th of previous month: All drops must be communicated via email by the 24th of the previous month. Any requests after the 24th are charged tuition for the upcoming month/quarter. It’s only 1 week notice. Other gyms require at least 30 days, so no exceptions are made for requests after the 24th. No refunds once payment has been processed.

25th of previous month: Tuition is processed for next month to ensure proper staffing and enrollment minimums.

25th of previous month for the quarter: Tuition is processed for the next quarter on August 25th, November 25th, and February 25th.

2023 Dates Closed

The following dates are from the Shelby County school calendar. We loosely are closed when they are, with a few exceptions, including some weather cancellations. Please check our Facebook page and email for weather updates.

2022-2023 Dates Closed

March 27-31…Spring Break

Additional 2023 Closed Dates

May 25-June 2
June 19
July 3-7

Mondays During School Year

Prices have been adjusted according to the calendar. Tuition is based on the average number of days we meet per month, so you are not charged extra when we meet more often and you are not charged less when we meet less. It all has been factored into the Monday class prices during the school year.