Since opening in Chelsea, Alabama, in January of 2018, we have not stopped growing. We have a passionate staff who love to work with children and we are looking for more staff who want to call Sara Beth’s Gymnasts home. These career opportunities provide you with a career you can love showing up for. You can make a real difference for our youth. We have a variety of positions available. And we

Are you energetic, passionate, and love working with children? Do you want to support, nurture, and empower our youth? Do you prefer being hands-on and involved with the youth in our community? Do you have something to offer our community? Then you may be just who we’re looking for. Join our empowering team and enrich your life and the lives around you!

Why Sara Beth’s Gymnasts

At Sara Beth’s Gymnasts, we work with each child individually and within their small group. We strive to bring children joy and empower them so they grow into mentally and physically strong individuals who know how to motivate themselves, problem solve, succeed as the result of failure, and reach and exceed their own goals. We nurture, encourage, and empower each individual to maximize their potential.

We’re fun! Your job is fun! The kids have fun. The adults have fun. It’s great for everyone. We also provide a lifetime of memories, whether it’s a special event, camp, or weekly classes, we have a profound impact on children’s happiness, health, and wellness. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs you can have! They look forward to coming and can’t wait to come back.


We provide excellent compensation and a clear path of promotion. We reward hard work, dependability, reliability, enthusiasm, responsibility, passion, leadership, and a job well done with raises giving you the opportunity to grow within this career.

It’s a very rewarding career because there is nothing better than seeing a child excited to accomplish something new on their own. Realizing they did it brings the biggest reward.

We’re active! We’re always up and moving in order to best lead our youth.

You and/or your own children receive a discount on classes, events, and camps.

You receive training and you are paid for it. We want you to be successful in your career so we provide you with the necessary training and skillsets to get the most out of it.

We offer insurance coverage. We have a wide variety of options to customize it to your family needs.

We have referral programs. Earn bonuses for referring gymnastics families as well as staff. There’s no limit so you can earn extra money every pay check if you want.

We usually are closed when school is closed and have additional time off between school and summer and mid summer, as well, allowing for more family time or downtime whether you are vacationing or enjoying a nice quiet break, so you feel recharged and ready to take on the next series of classes and/or events.

You develop a valuable skillset that can be used throughout life regardless of what you’re doing. From leadership to communication and articulate instructions, you become a better and stronger individual.

Future growth and opportunities are available. We prefer to promote within.

You are an integral member of our community and an integral part of our team’s success.

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Current Career Opportunities

Marketing Assistant

Do you love posting on social media? Are you a pretty good photographer/videographer? How are your organizing skills? Can you come to classes to capture all of our exciting moments?
This individual will share about what’s happening at the gym, make posts on social media, capture and edit photo and video moments to share, update the website, create emails and flyers, keep files sorted and organized, attend a variety of classes, and spread the word about events and more. You must have content creation and photo/video editing experience.

Gymnastics Instructor

We’re looking for passionate individuals who love to work with kids and enjoy a fast-paced environment where children constantly are engaged, learning, and building a number of physical and mental traits. Bring and grow your leadership skills, gain experience for other careers, or find your happily ever after with us. This is a very rewarding job, especially if you enjoy children. Weekday afternoon and evening hours required.

Team Coach

When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

We’re seeking energetic candidates with gymnastics and/or gymnastics coaching experience to coach our competitive team, pre-team, and possibly recreational classes.

Boy Gymnastics Coach

This coach will specialize in teaching boys gymnastics and may have the opportunity to teach other classes. This coach must have previous gymnastics experience, and it would be a bonus if applicant has competed in boys gymnastics.

Recreational Manager

This outstanding person will manage recreational gymnastics classes and staff onsite during the school year and with a different schedule during the summer. Responsibilities include but are not limited to being onsite during classes; managing staff, training, schedules, and classes; substitute teaching; communicating with parents; providing first aid, and maintaining safety and order.

Party Assistant

When: (Varies) Some Friday nights, some Saturdays and/or Sundays, some days school is closed for teacher workdays, some summer weekdays. Events vary in length from 2 to 5 hours each. Additional opportunities available.

As a party assistant, you help lead activities happening at events. Our event coordinator organizes and leads the events and the party assistant leads a group or station at the event. It varies from games and races to challenges, songs, and gymnastics. This is the perfect position for anyone who wants a light commitment and overall low hours.

Homeschool Teacher

This teacher will be responsible for a single class or a variety of classes offered at Sara Beth’s Gymnasts. Class times typically are in the morning and/or early afternoon. A variety of subjects are welcome including but not limited to traditional core school subjects, music, art, foreign languages, and extra curriculars. We aim to serve our community and their educational needs.

At this time, we are seeking additional teachers to join our endeavor! Mid and upper level science and math teachers are wanted as well as an art teacher who can teach technique. We are open to offering other subjects if we find the right teachers and have interest so please reach out if you have requests or connections.

Fitness Instructor

We want to grow what we offer. This includes but is not limited to fitness classes for adults, families, and/or children. These instructors may specialize in yoga, Pilates, stretching, cheer, and more.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of these career opportunities or have something to offer our community, please contact us for further discussion. And please keep an eye out for our responses by checking junk/spam email folders, voicemail, and various messages so not to miss the opportunity.

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