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Back Extension

My Ages 4-7 Intermediate class is one of my most dedicated classes where all the gymnasts work hard all the time. To reward their continuing improvement and strength, I introduced them to back extensions. That is a backwards roll to a handstand. A couple of them got close, but it was Emma Grace who really… Continue reading Back Extension

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Ages 4-7 Intermediate

My younger intermediate girls Ages 4-7 have been working hard, too. Here you see Emma Grace, Addison, and Lainey practicing their handstands to backbends in preparation of front limbers and then front walkovers. Their overall strength has improved a lot and skills are looking much cleaner for everyone. On the balance beam, they all are… Continue reading Ages 4-7 Intermediate

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Ages 8-11+ Beginner & Intermediate

It’s fun to watch these gymnasts work on new skills and master more familiar ones.

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Class Limits

Getting started with little publicity, I was pleased to make the following post on January 5, 2018, although I didn't want to limit anyone from joining, I did not warrant another instructor yet. "Everyone has an invoice either paid or unpaid. Some classes are reaching their max number, so you could be bumped out of… Continue reading Class Limits