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05/01/2021: Thank you, 280 Living, for our feature in the Chelsea Business Spotlight section.

Chelsea Business Spotlight in 280 Living May 2021

04/19/2021: Inside Our Gym

Thank you, Video Visions, for putting together our online commercial for Chelsea Living. It’s great to show our community inside our gym!

01/01/2021: Women in Business

I appreciate the 280 Living newspaper sharing about our new gym, programs, events, and our passion as we help children be successful in and out of the gym.

08/2020: Thank you, Leah Ingram Eagle of 280 Living, for the article sharing about our new larger gym and surviving the start of the pandemic.

05/2020: I appreciate 280 Living sharing about our philosophy and new big gym in the Chelsea Business Spotlight section on Page A19.

280_May 2020_A19

11/04/2019: Thank you, Chelsea Living, for your interest in Sara Beth’s Gymnasts. I enjoyed us being the featured business on your November segment at the 19 minute mark.

10/21/2019: I appreciate Video Visions producing our feature commercial for Chelsea Living.

05/21/2019: I appreciate Leah Ingram Eagle of 280 Living wanting to cover our gymnastics camps happening this summer.

04/24/2019: Chelsea Business Spotlight in 280 Living newspaper Page C13

01/03/2019: Thank you, Don and 280 Living, for the feature in the special Women in Business section.


10/22/2018: I appreciate 280 Living publishing a short article about our new space, growth, and programs.


10/02/2018: I appreciate Stephen with The Shelby County Reporter taking time to share about our new space.


09/09/2018: Thank you, Leah with Chelsea Central, for sharing my story.


01/22/2018: Here’s a short article in 280 Living’s newspaper about the owner and the new program.