How do I register?

Visit the Registration page for more info and click the first link to start the registration process.

How do I get to the parent portal?

Save this link to the parent portal.

What should they wear to class?

Leotards. Many styles are available for girls and boys. Clothing often times gets in the way, falls down, wraps around bars, exposes chest or underwear, and causes challenges. If they attend in clothing, shirts must stay tucked in while upside down with fully-extended arms. All clothing must be soft without zippers, buttons, etc. And hair must remain out of their faces and off of their backs.

Can I stay and watch class?

No, I’m sorry. Due to children being distracted so easily, parents cannot watch outside of designated times for Parents Preview Week. It can present a danger to them and others and detracts from progress in class. Please make plans to attend the Parent Preview classes though.

Can I try a class?

Yes. It’s $25, which goes towards your registration if you join us, but you are required to complete registration and then send an email that you are attending a trial class before coming to class.

Can I register mid-month?

Yes, new registration is prorated if there is space remaining in the class.

Can I register for certain months only?

Yes. Once enrolled, you must contact us via email to drop the class before the 24th of the previous month to avoid being charged for the next month. Then, you access the Parent Portal to enroll in classes later in the school year. If a class fills after you leave, you are added to the end of the list, so you may or may not get back in during that session.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Please visit Tuition for the full list.

Are you open when school is closed?

No. We follow the Shelby County Schools Calendar, so we are closed when they are closed during the school year. Read more at Schedule.

Is tuition cheaper during shorter months?

Tuition is the same price every month and is set according to the average number of classes per month. You are not charged extra when there are five per month.

How do I drop a class?

You must send an email stating when you are dropping, and it must be sent by the 24th of the previous month to avoid being charged for that month’s tuition because there are no refunds once payments are processed.

Can I take off and then return to class later?

When you take off, you drop the class. That allows others to register. You are welcome to return if there is space available in your class, but we cannot hold your spot.