We offer a variety of events including but not limited to Parents Night Out, birthday parties, summer camps, Parents Preview Weeks, field trips, skill clinics, gym’s annual birthday party, Chelsea Christmas parade participation, and more.

Private Custom Parties and events available for booking.

Special Events

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February 26 – Cartwheel-a-Thon (Earn Prizes Feb. 14-26)

February 21 – Back Handspring Clinic

Parents Night Out

View our Calendar and Register to save your spot! Check out our Schedule for more dates. 6:00-9:00 or pick up early if noted during registration. Space is limited.

This event is open to the community so invite friends or make new ones, and everyone must complete the short event registration to attend.

Parents Night Out includes games and/or activities or crafts, pizza, and a G or PG movie.

Registration Open for the following Parents Night Out:

January 28 6-9:00

Full List of Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar as you don’t want to miss any of our special events for you and your families! Most are open to the public. Parents Preview Week, parade participation, and Pre-Team/Team camps are reserved for our SB Gym families.    

January 28 6-9:00 – Parents Night Out

February 14-25 – Cartwheel a Thon Prize Time

February 21 4-5:30 – Back Handspring Clinic

February 26 – Cartwheel-a-Thon

February 27 2:00 – Pre-Team Interest Parent Meeting

February 27 2:45 – Team Interest Parent Meeting

March 1-15 Early Bird Summer Camp Registration

March 7-10 – Gymnastics Photos at regular class time

May 2-13 Parents Preview Week

June 6-9 – Carnival Games Summer Camp (under Classes)

June 14-17 Outer Space Summer Camp (under Classes)

July 11-14 Super Heroes Summer Camp (under Classes)

July 18-21 Christmas in July Summer Camp (under Classes)

Parents Preview Week

This is a scheduled time for parents to stay during regular class time so you can see everything your children have been working on and generally how classes run.

May 2-13 Parents Preview Weeks

August 16-25 Parents Preview Weeks

November 29-December 13 Parents Preview Weeks


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February 27 2:00 – Pre-Team Interest Parent Meeting

February 27 2:45 – Team Interest Parent Meeting

Private Parties and events available for booking.