Monthly tuition is processed on the 25th of the previous month. Quarterly tuition (3 months due in August, November, and February) is due by the 25th of the previous month per quarter. New registration is the exception. If space remains in class, you can join after the 25th.

To pay via cash or check, payment must be received in-person by the 23rd of the previous month/quarter.

Once enrolled, tuition is due monthly or quarterly or per school year (per your preferences set up on the registration form) until the end of the school year or you contact us via email to drop the class on or before the 24th of the previous month/quarter.

All those registering also pay a registration fee once per year.

All classes meet once per week excluding holidays and school closures unless otherwise informed. The following prices are the monthly rates.

We follow the Shelby County School Calendar. When they are closed, we are closed.

Class Prices 2022-2023 School Year

You can pay monthly, quarterly, or for the entire school year at once. Below you’ll find those monthly rates and total savings if paying per quarter and per school year. Our school year schedule is September through May.

Our quarters are 3 months. Our school year is 9 months. If you pay per quarter due August, November, and February, you save $15 per quarter. If you pay for the school year, you save $90. All tuition is prepaid for the following term except when you initially start during a term.

Gymnastics Tuition Chart 2022-2023

Registration Fee is $35 per year. Your second child is $30, and each additional child is $25 with a family maximum of $100.


Prices listed on the Class Schedule are monthly rates. You receive discounts when you pay quarterly, pay for the school year, have multiple classes, or have multiple children enrolled. All discounts are calculated during registration.

Quarterly: Save $5 per month paid every 3 months

School Year: Save $10 per month paid at the beginning of the school year

Multiple Classes: Save $5-$10 per month

Multiple Children: Save $5 each on 2nd and 3rd children. Save $7 on 4th child.

Referral Program: You and the family you refer save $10 each one time when they register and pay for classes and list you as the referral during registration. You both must be a current or registering gymnastics family in good standing to receive the referral discount.