Pre-Team and Team

We compete using AAU and the Xcel program. Before joining our competitive team, those who are interested and eligible join our Pre-Team, which is a step above recreational classes and a step before competitive team. Our Pre-Team program allows gymnasts and families to decide if they want to pursue our competitive team. Pre-Team meets once per week for 2 hours with additional optional practice times. Team meets twice per week for 2 hours each with additional optional practice times and requires a commitment of spring/summer through competition season.

Parent Meetings for Pre-Team and Team are required for families interested in pursuing these gymnastics levels. Our next Pre-Team Parents meeting is July 18th at 2:00. Registration is required to attend. The next Team and Pre-Team Parent meetings will be in February.

Our main goals are to bring competition to those who are interested and keep it fun. We want your gymnasts to be successful, be healthy, and live well-balanced lives while nurturing their gymnastics passion and love.

Please contact us if you have questions.