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Girls Gymnastics Competition Team

This school year has been an exciting one for 9 of our gymnasts. After a year of Pre-Team, 8 girls joined our first year of Team Gymnastics and had their first competition in November of 2021. 1 boy also had his first year of Team Gymnastics starting in December of 2021.

Nervous and anxious, they were excited to take this next step in their gymnastics journey.

Our younger Bronze Team anxious before their first event, uneven bars

Everyone arrived dressed in their team outfits ready to perform their routines on vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. Anticipation, butterflies, excitement, nerves, and pride were just some of the things these girls were feeling.

Sara Beth’s Gymnasts Bronze Team at First Competition

It was a long day as our team was split across 4 sessions to compete. The youngest bronze team competed first, then the older bronze team followed by our silver team, and concluding with our gold team. It was such a rewarding time after putting in the hard work.

Come competition time, they did great! They were brave, did what they practiced, and rocked their first meet! And they stood on the podium for their hard earned awards.

Our Proud Girls Team at First Competition

Our Bronze Team brought home 4th place for the Team Award. We’re so proud of them!

Team Bronze 4th Place Team Award

Check out some highlights from our first competition. It was an exciting event!

Sara Beth’s Gymnasts Girls Team First Competition

Whew! With that first meet in the books, they all now knew a little more about what to expect at a gymnastics meet. This helped them know where we could improve before the next meet, so they buckled down and worked hard each and every practice knowing they had the potential to score and place better at their next meet. We’re so excited!

Stay tuned for more about our first year of competition!


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