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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was such a wonderful gathering of our community! I could not have asked for more. I’d like to give special thanks to Mr. Kirk Mancer, the President and CEO of The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, and Ms. Donna Bowles, the President of The Chelsea Business Alliance, for hosting our fabulous ribbon cutting ceremony. We appreciate everyone, friends, family, staff, businesses, and organizations, who attended showing their support for our business and this special milestone of moving into our much larger gym (a year ago).

We enjoyed a joyous ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a few words from The Chelsea Business Alliance President, Donna Bowles, and The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Kirk Mancer. We are incredibly grateful to have such wonderful organizations supporting us!

After I spoke about our journey to this point, some of our gymnasts performed before we enjoyed refreshments and free play for all of the many families who blessed us with their presence.

We appreciate you all who took time out of your busy day to be here. Thank you, Pari Barzegari, Director of Community & Career Development of The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce for attending and supporting us. Thank you, Jane Ann Mueller with the City of Chelsea, for your ongoing support and presence at our big event. We are grateful to be in Chelsea serving our community. Our city is the best!

Thank you, Mike Craft of Chelsea Tire and The Chelsea Business Alliance, Vicki Everett of Juice Plus + and The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, Denise Grissom of Sawyer Solutions and The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, and Georgia Lay of 280 Medical Supply for your presence and support. You all mean a great deal to this small business.

Having everyone come together for this milestone truly made it a celebration, a wonderful and memorable celebration we won’t forget! I love our community and am so happy to call it home as well. Thank you, all, for making this event a great success. While it marked our one year anniversary in our new gym, it was the perfect kickoff to summer gymnastics and exciting times ahead! Thank you for being a very special part of it.

Have a great and successful day!


Sara Beth Gilbert

Owner/Head Coach


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