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New Covers

Because of everyone’s excellent fundraising efforts earlier this year, we surpassed our goal for new spring floor. 🎉👏🏻 They say we can expect our new spring floor to arrive mid July (finally! 🙌🏻 It’s been a long wait.). And I’ll share about it as soon as it arrives.

no more loose foam bits or shredding vinyl

In the meantime, with the extra funds, we were able to purchase some much needed covers. Their arrival means we can prolong the life of some of our most commonly used and high quality equipment that was showing its age.

covering mesh to prevent foam loss, covering damaged vinyl, and adding velcro for securing mat to spring floor for skills

While this may seem like a small or insignificant ordeal, I cannot express how helpful these new covers are to everyone who steps foot in our gym. The equipment we covered has had many birthdays and, as you may know, since they were produced long ago, they are the best quality withstanding our constant use without internally breaking down.

no more duct tape or shredded vinyl

I’m so thankful for the extra funds for the covers because now we can eliminate all the tiny fuzz and duct tape; replace all the worn and torn Velcro on our blocks; add Velcro to all of our trapezoids and a big mat to secure them for stacking and on the spring floor; add much needed handles for moving mats; and prevent the vinyl from further shredding during their long and useful lives.

Velcro was shredded on the bottoms and you can see the wear and duct tape but not anymore 😀

It’s a huge win for us all as these covers are used daily throughout the gym for all ages and skill levels. Thank you for such a fun and successful fundraiser! You’ve further enriched every gymnast’s experience at our gym!

forgot photos after of our largest blue trapezoid and before of new purple and largest blue trapezoids

Enjoy these before and after photos! And thank you again for investing in your children! They continually will enjoy all of this equipment for many, many more years thanks to you all.


Sara Beth Gilbert


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