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2018 Memories

I don’t know where to start. It’s been a fantastic year that I could not have predicted! In late 2017, I threw out the idea of gymnastics to the Chelsea community and was met with great interest. Then, I was fortunate enough to purchase equipment I myself had trained on for about 10 years.

In January, we started at the Chelsea Community Center with about 20 gymnasts the first month and kept a steady 40 after that, so I added an assistant to my team. We had 7 classes over 2 days each week where we set up the equipment, had class, and then broke it down and put it away again. By March, I was looking for a more permanent setup.

In May, I acquired lots of gymnastics equipment in addition to the various pieces I collected along the way.

By August, I finally signed a lease and started the setup process of our new gymnastics gym. Yes, it’s smaller than most but an excellent step in the right direction. Several parents have said, “It’s just right.”

After a successful ribbon cutting ceremony and open house, we opened our doors for classes in September with 42 enrolled. By the end of the first month, enrollment increased another 50% and we continued to grow as word spread of our new location.

We participated in Boo-Palooza and the Christmas parade. We enjoyed some extra fun time at the gym and even opened gifts for gymnastics. Plus, some friends and groups enjoyed play time, as well.

It’s been such a memorable year as I’ve watched your children grow. New skills, new courage, and a strong foundation are some of the highlights this year has brought. I want to thank the community for your continued support to help me serve your families. Thank you for letting me share my passion for gymnastics with all of you. It truly is a dream come true.

Please enjoy this video highlighting an amazing year of our firsts.

2018 has been remarkable!

Have a happy and safe start to 2019! And I can’t wait to see you in the gym.

Happy New Year!

As always, have a great and successful day!


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