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Gymnastics Equipment Shopping

It’s that time of year when many families are thinking about that best gift for their enthusiastic gymnasts. I’ve had several of the same questions lately, so I wanted to provide some recommendations in addition to the previous equipment recommendations. There you’ll find more info about safety, what you need, and what to get to keep your gymnasts safe.

Some links may be affiliate links but my opinion on equipment has no baring on that as I strive to bring you the best opportunities, the best equipment, and the best prices as your gymnast’s safety is very important and top priority.

Adjustable Balance Beams

There is a small selection of reliable balance beams in the adjustable category. The first one is by Tumbl Trak, my favorite home equipment brand. The Brianna Beam is a solid choice for home. It’s suede covered and has two adjustable options. You can add 6 inches of height with risers and no tools, simple enough for your gymnast to adjust. Also, you can make it longer by joining multiple beams together, and that option is hard to find and perfect for homes where space may be limited. 

If you shop with Tumbl Trak, please Use Shopping Code Gilbert35043 at checkout to help the gym earn money for new equipment.

If you’re looking for more height and adjustability, one thing you’ll have if it’s more than 8 feet is a third set of feet towards the middle. Be sure to cover them with pool noodles so gymnasts don’t hurt their bare feet.

Two great home adjustable beam options that are good price points for the financially and space conscientious family are by Nimble and Z Athletic. They have great reputations, have been around for many years, and offer durable equipment for your avid gymnasts.

I highly recommend Tumbl Trak, Nimble, and Z Athletic balance beams all linked above!

To expand your search a little farther and depending on your price point, The Beam Store has multiple adjustable beams. They may or may not fit your budget or home needs as they vary greatly reaching 12 and 16 feet long, much closer to competition length. This 10 foot adjustable beam is one of the more affordable options. 

Mats for Your Balance Beam

If you get a beam that is on the floor, a panel mat preferably 2 inches thick and at least 4 feet wide will offer enough padding for any basic falls, but if it is off of the floor, you need to plan appropriately.

For raised beams, I highly recommend 4-6 inches of padding (with 2-4 being from a crash mat or similar and not additional panel mats because they don’t give as much as the crash mats) as I thoroughly covered in this post. You want preferably a minimum of 3 feet on each side of the beam as well so they’re on the mats when they fall from above, however you can squeeze onto 4 feet wide mats if your gymnasts are careful.

It’s really hard to find large and affordable crash mats more than 4×6 feet. 

Tumbl Trak has added a medium size crash mat that is a better size for balance beams than the smaller ones Tumbl Trak usually offers. This crash mat would be a good compliment to your raised balance beam. It’s 4×8 feet, folds in half, and has handles to make moving it easier. The long length assures mats can’t slide apart during a fall and it should fit well under a beam. Just be aware of how far apart the beam legs are.

Alternatively, there is this comparative 4×8 feet mat that may save you a few dollars.

Check out Tumbl Trak’s great set of Practice Mats as well.

If your beam has a third set of legs, then you’ll want two smaller crash mats.

If your budget is more suited for smaller crash mats, I’d like to recommend Tumbl Trak. They have a nice variety. They have a few different options of Soft Crash Mats that would be perfect for home use.

If you shop with Tumbl Trak, please Use Shopping Code Gilbert35043 at checkout to help the gym earn money for new equipment.

Whatever you choose I know your gymnast will be thrilled to have it! Good luck shopping and let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

Have a great and successful day!


Sara Beth Gilbert

Owner/Head Coach

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