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Gym First Skills

Our gymnasts are making progress left and right. It’s so exciting! This week, though, we had a new gym first that brought back all my memories.

As many of you know, our low beam and high beam are the ones I did all my firsts on myself. Our more advanced pre-team gymnasts are about the same age I was when I was mastering the same skills.

Merci recently mastered her back walkover on low beam. And that was a gym first. I was the first gymnast in my gym to master a back walkover on low beam as well – the exact low beam.

On Wednesday, not only did she master her back walkover on middle beam, but she mastered it on high beam too! 🤩🎉👏🏻🤸🏼‍♀️

Middle Beam

High Beam

Because I was first to master it on high beam in my gym, and on the exact same beam, all the memories came flooding back. I remember still being in the large MP room at our rec center before we moved to a private room. I remember seeing the green pool out the glass wall with the cold air coming off of it. I remember calling my coach over to show her. I remember being that young and enthusiastic gymnast who wanted to be in the gym all day everyday. I remember the joy, excitement, and adrenaline. As skills get bigger, the pride and exhilaration do too. And there’s nothing more exciting than being the first in your gym!

Congratulations to Merci for taking her skills to the next level and for being first to master this on all 3 balance beams! We, coaches and gymnasts, are so proud and happy for you!

Have a great and successful day!


Sara Beth Gilbert

Owner/Head Coach


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