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Our 2019 Year in Review

It’s been another fabulous year full of excitement!

In January, we had a party to celebrate the gym’s first birthday. It was loads of fun! We also reached our top enrollment for the school year adding about 25% more gymnasts that month. That was thrilling and very exciting for us! Plus, we were featured in the Women in Business section of the 280 Living newspaper.

In February, we added more instructors as we continued to grow.

In March, we enjoyed professional gymnast photos. Everyone was great and the little ones were so adorable. Such great memories captured, for sure!

In April, we welcomed Parents Preview Week so I could have ankle surgery in May.

In May, we were a featured Chelsea business in the 280 Living newspaper.

By June, we were excited to host our first gymnastics camp in addition to our regular summer classes while I also kicked off a summer of swim lessons at my pool.

In July, we hosted our second gymnastics camp along with our summer classes.

In August, our enrollment surpassed the previously highest enrollment in January. We more than doubled our last year fall registration. We hired more instructors and were so thrilled to max out many of our classes. Plus, parents enjoyed the summer Parents Preview Week.

In September, we welcomed lots of new gymnasts into our SB Gym family and welcomed back lots of gymnasts. We also started an advanced gymnastics class as well as a boys gymnastics class and adult gymnastics class, all so fun and exciting!

In October, filming took place by Chelsea Living by Video Visions for a commercial and featured interview segment. We also reached triple digit enrollment for the first time! Plus we enjoyed everyone walking on our balance beam in their costumes at Boo Palooza. And we added a junior springboard to our equipment!

In November, our interview was featured on Chelsea Living and we started moving many gymnasts up to more challenging classes.

December was an amazing month! I had the pleasure of taking 9 gymnasts to their first gymnastics meet with our gym – a very first for most. They did extremely well and placed well too!

Parents Preview Week spanned two weeks due to our high enrollment. We bought a brand new adjustable soft top balance beam. And we participated in the Chelsea Christmas Parade where many gymnasts rode and several walked and/or flipped through the streets. We had such a great time!

We also continued our search for a bigger space and are getting closer to that final decision.

And I wish I had the time to tell you about all our gymnasts’ progress! They’ve grown leaps and bounds already and have us excited about our next year together.

We truly have been blessed with amazing gymnasts, amazing families, wonderful instructors, and great gym space and equipment! The gymnasts have grown in every way and we are thrilled to guide them on this fabulous journey of self discovery. As I reflect on 2019, I realize we have been fortunate to have so many positive experiences and growth! It’s a wonderful way to finish not only this year but this decade.

I’m already excited about 2020! We have lots more new experiences lined up. Some are small and some are big. I hope you’re here to enjoy this journey with us. I hope you see your gymnast(s) build more strength, perform bigger skills, practice better technique, demonstrate growing confidence, and feel happier than ever!

I’m so thankful for each and every one of you! Please share in the comments something your gymnast has gained from our gym this year. Let’s celebrate 2019 through your gymnasts!

Cheers to a successful year past and a Happy New Year full of possibilities!

Have a great and successful day!


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