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Gymnastics Camp: Sunny Days Success

In June of 2019, we hosted our first gymnastics camp with great success! We had such a wonderful group of gymnasts and did lots of fun things.

First Day with New Water Bottles

Our Afternoon Group Enjoying Lunch

Our advanced group learned the importance of an under arm swing.

We enjoyed snack time, crafting time, silliness, free play, and games, too.

We also covered lots of water safety topics from the American Red Cross talking about helping others while keeping ourselves safe, helping ourselves, and protecting our sensitive skin from the harsh UV rays.

And of course, we enjoyed lots of gymnastics! During camp, we saw everyone increase their strength, flexibility, confidence, and skills. From the “I can’t” to doing handstands and cartwheels, from the “I don’t know” to doing back walkovers, standing backbends, handstand to backbend, front limbers, kick overs, pullovers, back hip circles, cartwheels on beam, high beam skills, and new vaults, we covered a lot. Seeing all the firsts and their excitement was all I needed to see.

We also got to do some extra fun things like dive rolls and starting punch fronts.

We definitely had something for everyone and even started some more complex gymnastics like back handsprings and some new bar skills.

Out of everything we did, we also saw teamwork and leadership emerge without any direct comments from staff. The kids took it upon themselves, and seeing how well they did, we let it continue. The big kids helped the little ones and set fine examples. Everyone also helped us shuffle equipment with an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment as shown in these videos. You should be proud of your children and all that they accomplished at gymnastics camp with us. I know I am.

I hope you can enjoy this video of our week together. (Coming soon! It was complete and ready and my software did an update and deleted it. đŸ˜© So I’ll post an update when it’s ready- again!)

It sure was fun and rewarding for everyone! Thank you for letting your children explore and grow in our safe yet challenging environment filled with lots of fun, firsts, and excellent growth.

Have a great and successful day!



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