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The Gym’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday, Sara Beth’s Gymnasts! It’s Sara Beth’s Gymnasts’ first birthday already, if you can believe it. Are you as excited as I am?!

We have so much to celebrate this first year including having a nice location with lots of equipment, a great program, a nice variety of classes, fantastic gymnasts, and wonderful staff, so we’re having a party and you are invited. The community is invited to celebrate with us! We’ve come a long way since setup and breakdown at the Community Center last January 15th. So much has happened over the last year.

We started at the Chelsea Community Center 2 days, 6 hours, and 7 classes per week with 15 students and then up to 40 students by March when we added our first assistant. We finished our summer classes at the Community Center and then set up in our new location in August when we had our ribbon cutting ceremony and open house. We started classes in September with 42 enrolled and had a 50% increase by the end of the first month, so we added two more instructor assistants. At 70+ students across 3 days, 11 hours, and 13 classes per week, it’s been a great first year. So, let’s party on January 12th!

We’ll have free play, pin the horn on the unicorn, a frame to sign, and more, so come join us for an afternoon of fun times and make great memories with us as we celebrate this special occasion. Everyone is welcome whether you have children or not, but remember we just added a class for adults, too.

Join the Facebook event for updates and let us and your friends know you’re going.

Everyone planning to play must complete event registration.

Please review these basic rules before arriving at the gym.

Rules to Review Before You Arrive:
– Keep street shoes off of the equipment and spring floor.
– No play on the high beam mat in case someone falls.
– Only 1 person on the purple mat under the bar at a time.
– Only 1 person on the blue springboard at a time.
– Only 1 jump on the springboard.
– Between the beams, high beam jumps off first while low beam waits.
– No feet on top of the parallel bars.
– Jump straight to the thick blue mats from the vault, no other direction and no fancy jumps.
– Stay out from behind the big red mat (bungee incline).
– Be kind to others in the gym.
Thanks so much!

I hope you can make it! I can’t wait to see new and familiar faces. Remember, gym families and community friends must register to play. At least stop by and say hi if you don’t plan to stay and play. And, bring your friends – the more the merrier! I’ll see you there. Don’t miss our first birthday! You’re one only once. Be a part of something great in our community.

Have a great and successful day!


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