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Santa Came Early

A special delivery arrived earlier this month from the North Pole! Due to excellent weather conditions, Santa’s commercial sleigh arrived ahead of schedule.

I am happy to report a very useful piece of equipment has been added to our gym. All our gymnasts will love this one! See Santa’s helpers unloading it from his enormous sleigh.

It’s soft, which means it feels good under your feet and helps absorb the impact during skills, and most importantly, it’s adjustable. That means our smallest up to our tallest gymnasts will love it for many different reasons!

Check out the extreme flexibility it offers our gym! I’m super excited! Yes, we have a brand new soft top adjustable competition balance beam. And I’m doing cartwheels and a happy dance over this one.

This adjustability means we can drop the beam down really low to ease gymnasts into the higher height and continue to raise it as they’re comfortable and confident.

It also means gymnasts can practice bigger skills on it giving them more independence and freedom to perform and try certain skills with less direct hands-on spotting so confidence, skill, and technique can flourish.

Plus, our taller gymnasts now are able to practice more handstands, cartwheels, back walkovers, handsprings, dismounts, and jumps without making contact with the ceiling.

Take a look. Here it is set up at a slightly lower height than the lowest (adjustable) setting of our current high beam, which is temporarily down while we’re in this space. It’s ready to use!

I’m eager to let everyone try it out!

I’m so glad to have this valuable piece of gymnastics equipment in our gym for you to use, and I can’t wait to see how it benefits you.

Thanks for being awesome!

Have a great and successful day!


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