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Benefits for the Littles

I believe in nurturing the whole person, encouraging and supporting them from the beginning. Children are welcome in the gym as soon as they can walk. That’s because there’s so much to help them grow and thrive from a young age. Kids love movement, and there’s no shortage of that at the gym. Kids need physical interaction with their environment in order to learn, which makes gymnastics a great environment for them. It’s meant to engage and challenge their senses, minds, and bodies to help them form new neural pathways and learn valuable comprehension concepts in a fun and positive way.

We want your children to be physically and mentally strong, healthy, and encouraged so they can grow and succeed at life and all that it throws their way all while gaining fun gymnastics skills.

To fully develop, children actually need to run, jump, spin, go upside down, flip, and more. It helps to develop their inner ear and a myriad of other physical, mental, behavioral, and psychological mechanisms in each child.

Check out the awesome benefits gymnastics provides to our youngest enthusiasts. And feel free to browse our schedule to find a class that works best for your family. We can’t wait to enrich your children!

And while these photos are from pre-COVID, we wash hands and social distance at all times and still have just as much fun! Join us today!

Have a great and successful day!


Sara Beth Gilbert

Owner/Head Coach

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