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Shout Out to Our Instructors

Stephanie, Lindsey, Sara Beth, and Sara

Our current instructors have been real gems! So I want to take a moment to share a little about them. They have helped me make our SB Gym family a truly caring family. They have embraced our mission to help every gymnast discover themselves. They’re patient and kind. They’re empathetic and strong. They’re leaders and listeners. They have cheered on and encouraged every child in our gym. They smile and clap for your child. And they celebrate them every step of the way. It’s been a wonderful season in our gym and I’ve always looked forward to coming to work knowing I have such capable staff who embrace their responsibilities and love the families we serve.

I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone. I was fortunate to reopen in our new gym June 1st with staff that brought so much joy in our previous studio. They made our first gymnastics camp in our new gym a real success. They made every moment great with their caring personalities. And they embraced all of our new procedures and cleaning and disinfecting efforts. They were rock stars in our previous cozy studio and then they got even better in our new gym!

Now, a new season is upon us as two of our instructors head to college where they will flourish and blaze a trail.

I was so fortunate to hire Miss Sara in the fall of 2018 during her junior year shortly after opening in our previous studio. Leadership emerged early on during her time in the gym and she proved to be a real asset tackling every challenge I gave her and stepping up in a myriad of ways. She developed excellent communication skills and nurtured the relationships with SB Gym families. She became my reliable bars instructor but could teach anywhere, assisted in swim lessons with me last summer, and babysat my children. She is heading to UAB where she will continue her love for the theatre. We all wish her the best as she begins a new journey. 

Miss Lindsey joined us in the fall last year as she started her senior year. She instantly took to teaching balance beam and was the right amount of gentle for our growing gymnasts. She also became my reliable vault instructor stepping up to the challenge. Miss Lindsey is heading to the University of Alabama where she will begin her training for nursing. We all wish her the best as she begins a new journey.

Last but not least, Miss Stephanie joined us about this time last year. She and her daughter have been a part of our SB Gym family since the fall of 2018 when they started with our Parent and Tot class. Her daughter now is an intermediate gymnast and learning to embrace her strengths and talents while her mom continues to grow as an instructor stepping up to each new challenge I bring her and increasing her diverse instructor skill set across all apparatuses. She has become my reliable floor instructor and is nurturing her leadership capabilities. She assisted me with swim lessons this summer and has shown her mothering strengths are assets to our growing gymnasts.

While I’m so happy for Miss Sara and Miss Lindsey as they go off to college after graduating from Chelsea High School with honors, they will be missed greatly. I’m so fortunate for their time with and their impact on our SB Gym family. I appreciate their hard work and dedication and can’t thank them enough for their contributions! It’s been amazing to watch our staff grow, develop new strengths, and rise to the occasion. I’ve been blessed with amazing instructors and look forward to our next season in the gym as we’ll be welcoming three new assistant instructors starting this week.

When you see Miss Sara and Miss Lindsey this week, take a moment to wish them well and thank them for being wonderful. They’re going to bring much joy to our world in their next chapter of life!

Have a great and successful day!


Sara Beth Gilbert

Owner/Head Coach


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