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We are Open!

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Apparently that’s pretty accurate for starting a business, as well.

I am happy to say several local businesses have contributed to the successful opening of Sara Beth’s Gymnasts at its first permanent location and I’d like to take a moment to personally thank them for their phenomenal service and products, especially since most are located in Chelsea.

Ponder Properties has been excellent to work with. I’m really glad to be a tenant of theirs and am happy to join the tenants at Chelsea Village. I appreciate Rick Burch with CSC, LLC renovating the space and taking care of the details. Hodges Sign Co. produced a beautiful sign capturing everyone’s attention as they drive by. George Sippola brought my store front vision to fruition. David the painter and crew, who painted our home before we moved in last year, delivered a fresh and clean space ready for a new adventure. The Chelsea Fire Marshall, Tommy King, provided a thorough and informative inspection. And Postnet was happy to produce my flyers for the open house while Publix was prompt to fill my balloons, and Chic-Fil-A at Greystone took care of my catering needs. Lastly, Hobby Lobby provided me with most of my decorating supplies for ongoing artwork.

What I am most impressed with about every single one of these local businesses is their excellent customer care and remarkable turnaround time. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with each and every person who helped me get here. Be sure to contact them with your service and product needs.

I also want to take another moment to thank The South Shelby Chamber of Commerce and The Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce for hosting the ribbon cutting ceremony and Mr. Mayor, Tony Picklesimer, for his attendance, saying a few words, and standing with me during the ribbon cutting ceremony. Plus, I appreciate Chelsea Central and the Shelby County Reporter for covering our big event and look forward to their articles. And because the Chelsea Community Center hosted and supported my first seven months of business, I was able to grow into this space.

And I cannot fail to mention those close to me who have given unwavering support near and far in a myriad of ways: My husband who continues to support my dreams while acting as my visionary, rock, heavy lifter, and all-around family/life rock star; my children who are my inspirations and the reason I am teaching again;

my dad who has dedicated hours to heavy lifting, moving and installing equipment, and designing and building specialty carts;

my sister whom I bounce ideas off of regularly as she cheers me on; and my mom and brother who celebrate and support this vision along with my aunt, uncle, cousins, in laws, and numerous friends, community acquaintances, and gymnastics families from spring classes who have been there through the easy and the hard decisions.

From other countries, across the U.S., and to my own home, I appreciate you all and cannot express my gratitude enough!

It is my pleasure to make each and every one of your acquaintances and friendships, and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts and support to bring gymnastics to this great Chelsea, Alabama, community. Let’s make this a year to remember!

280 Living Coming Soon Listing

Have a great and successful day!



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