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Gym First: Handstand Vault

Man, I sure do love gym firsts! And I really love this one. We have one gymnast who has really started hitting a new and exciting skill on the vault. My son has been hitting this same skill on the trapezoid blocks, but he can’t hit it up on the full size vault yet. Take a look. (I’ll have to get someone to video his full vault so I still can spot.)

In our advanced gymnastics class this week, I was super excited about Aminalee’s progress on vault. This is her second year with us. She’s finally hitting her handstand more consistently on vault. Check it out! As you can see here, she progressed in these few attempts. And this is quite challenging even after a year and a half in gymnastics, so yay for her!

I think it’s also fun for you to see what’s next after their current skills. There are a lot of components that make this handstand vault possible, and I’m super proud of this gymnast for connecting them all!

Have a great and successful day!


Sara Beth Gilbert

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