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Boys Gymnastics Program

We are very excited to expand our gymnastics programs! While boys always have been welcome in our classes, we are happy to announce the launch of our boys program where we will focus on skills specific to Men’s Gymnastics. Men’s gymnastics includes 6 apparatuses including floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bar. The following is one of our gymnasts and my son practicing some skills for our boys class.

I can’t wait to work on boy-specific skills this year! We’ll be doing a lot of strength, flexibility, and coordination training all while learning skills too. Boys still are welcome in our other classes, but we’d love to have your boys join us in this one, too!

Did you know it’s quite common for kids to take gymnastics in order to improve in other sports? Those enjoying other sports join gymnastics to improve their balance, strength, coordination, agility, flexibility, focus, endurance, power, body posture, overall lean muscle tone, and well-rounded capabilities for other sports including but not limited to dance, swimming, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, and ice skating to name a few.

It’s going to be a very empowering year for many gymnasts as we strive to give them the physical, mental, and emotional capabilities to succeed in all aspects of their lives now and in the future.

If you can believe it, this year is going to be even more exciting than the last. We’d love to have you join in on the fun and excitement! Grab your spot in classes soon and register today! I’d rather not have you on a wait list.

Have a great and successful day!


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