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Our Children’s Health and Wellness

I saw this obesity article giving some important statistics and it inspired me to share some important information. Alabama has the fifth highest obesity rate. Our adults AND our children increasingly are becoming more obese.

Our lifestyles have changed. When we were kids, we had lots of freedom to roam outside and play with friends near and far without adults around. We didn’t live with fear of kidnappers snatching us from our front yards. We didn’t have much technology to entice us to stay inside all day. We rarely got sick. And our parents had to cook meals with whole ingredients.

I know times are much different now.

There’s one thing that’s not. Kids still participate in activities, and there still are lots of activities to choose from. Yes, your child may love video games, TV, or building with LEGOs, but we all know our children can’t be left to make all the decisions and that they don’t usually know best.

Our current lives and lifestyles are precisely why I started gymnastics. The benefits! Your child doesn’t have to be best in the class to benefit from the mental, physical, and psychological benefits of gymnastics. That doesn’t matter.

It’s been proven that movement and strong muscles help keep our metabolisms, appetites, hormones, and feelings in balance. Weight-baring activity helps build bone strength. Physical activity decreases our chances of becoming sick as our immune systems are stronger. And we generally crave healthier foods as we need that fuel to keep moving.

Since playtime and physical education have dwindled in our schools, we are forced to give our children athletic opportunities for their own wellbeing. I believe there’s something out there for everyone. It doesn’t have to be gymnastics. It just happens to be one of the few that uses virtually all of your muscles and most beneficially maximizes the health and well-being of individuals providing they’re in a safe and positively run program. Gymnastics builds a strong person from the inside out and gives them a vast array of life skills in the process.

I challenge those parents with kids not in physical activities this year to help their children find something physically active that they enjoy. Give them an activity that helps them learn how to care for their own health. Early habits and processes become engrained in our children helping them better succeed throughout their entire lives. Give your children love, but also give your children health and wellness and a long and prosperous future.

Be the change. Lead by example. Have family fun with a basketball or soccer ball. Go for bike rides and swims. Make up games. Rollerblade. Hike. Bring the love by bonding over physical activity. Participate in adult sports and activities. Play tennis. And give your children healthy food.

Strive to make this next year your family’s most active yet. You’ll feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. Give it a try and get your friends involved.

Have a great and successful day!


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