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Gymnastics is More than a Sport

Most of you know I was an active gymnast and swimmer for 20 years and taught/coached gymnastics for 12 years and swimming for 8 years before using my college degree in Corporate America. I lived for both sports while staying active in Girl Scouting from age 6 to 26. It was once I was in college that I realized these experiences had a lot to do with who I had become. In college, I even wrote a letter to my gymnastics coach pointing out my many strengths I had gained through gymnastics with her.

There was no real research on this topic back then. The internet still was young, but I kept noticing strong characteristics in myself that were contributing to my success in college and planning my future despite many challenges.

One day I plan to write a book about it all, but today I want to share an article. While I realized that gymnastics gave me many outstanding benefits, I didn’t have actual statistical research – just my own experiences.

Part of my passion for this sport continues to include the long-term benefits we receive from being a gymnast. This article has a list of some common benefits we enjoy across our lives. It’s for many of these reasons I decided it was important for my children and our community to grow up with gymnastics. These reasons motivated me to open my gymnastics business.

See how this amazing sport can enrich your lives and know you don’t have to compete to benefit. All of these can be achieved through recreational enjoyment of the sport.

And if you know me, you may understand how all of these are important characteristics of myself. You may even know of several instances where these have been applied in my life.

My question is have you started to see any instances of these in your gymnast in the short time they’ve been in classes? I’ve already seen growth in your children. It’s that budding confidence and determination coupled with healthy competition with friends that gives your child the strength to achieve new things, conquer challenges, and move past negativity into a space they create for themselves to succeed. Embrace it! Empower our future generation. Give them the environment to create their own successes in all aspects of their lives.

Have a great and successful day!



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