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Gymnastics Camp Coming to Chelsea

I’m so excited to offer gymnastics camp this summer! Did you see the 280 Living article by Leah Ingram Eagle about it? We have 2 weeks of camp available, one in June and one in July each with two time options.

Sunny Days in June will include water safety, sun safety, as well as lots of gymnastics and fun activities.

Carnival Games in July will include carnival fun, games, and lots of gymnastics and fun activities.

I’m looking forward to spending time together outside of our typical class structure. We’ll make memories to remember for a lifetime.

If I don’t see you at gymnastics camp, I hope to see you in our summer gymnastics classes! It’s a great time to work on different skills and get ahead for the coming school year.

Otherwise, I’d love to see you in my pool for swim lessons here in Chelsea!

Make this an amazing summer! Stay safe and have fun!

Have a great and successful day!



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