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Top Gymnast

This year I decided to give a single award, an award to represent our Top Gymnast at Sara Beth’s Gymnasts.

I have seen some great talent emerge in our gym this year. We have many with amazing strength, wonderful skills, and beautiful character, so when I decided to give an award to our top gymnast, I sat down to review all the talent in our gym before deciding.

This gymnast I chose actually started with us at the Chelsea Community Center in January of 2018. When we were there, I recognized her talent. She quickly improved her skills. I noticed she was eager to learn, tried hard, and loved to chat. After we moved last fall, I was so glad to see her continue with us. She also enrolled in Open Gym, a time for gymnasts to work on what they’d like to practice.

This gymnast has a great attitude. She has demonstrated good sportsmanship. She supports and encourages other gymnasts. She helps us celebrate the small victories. She’s humble yet proud, as she should be. She’s eager to learn and strives to be better. She also shows responsibility for warming up and stretching on her own. She embraced Open Gym and improved leaps and bounds with the additional time in the gym.

This 8-year-old gymnast currently demonstrates the most advanced skills in our gym and has the largest collection of gymnastics skills among our gymnasts. This gymnast is Addison Baker, and I’m so proud of everything she’s already accomplished.

Congratulations, Addison, for being our Top Gymnast this 2018-2019 school year! You earned it! Thank you for working hard, being a great person, and making time in the gym with you so fun. I can’t wait to see your next accomplishments! It’s been a great year!

Have a great and successful day!



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