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Ages 4-7 Intermediate

My younger intermediate girls Ages 4-7 have been working hard, too.

Here you see Emma Grace, Addison, and Lainey practicing their handstands to backbends in preparation of front limbers and then front walkovers. Their overall strength has improved a lot and skills are looking much cleaner for everyone.

On the balance beam, they all are taking it up a notch. We’ve practiced straight jumps a lot and now they’re working on their tuck jumps. I’m very proud of all of these girls for quickly sticking their jumps. We’re still refining the details, but they’re working so hard to conquer new skills. 👏🏻 Way to go, Emma Grace, Blakely, Julia, Addison, and Lainey!

It’s an exciting time to be in gymnastics with us!

Have a great and successful day!



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