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On Friday March 13th of this year, 2020, I hit the road that morning to drive 7 hours and arrive in Arkansas. The drive over was rainy but fine. The flooding that remained from previous weeks’ of record rainfall was surprising. I looked in awe as I stayed steady to arrive on time. Most of the time, I listened to music and thought about our exciting new gym.

After 45 minutes of maneuvering the gymnastics equipment, the 3 of us in the rain finally got it stuffed in my car. Hallelujah! I’ve been searching for this piece since 2017 and everything has been over 12 hours away in states far, far away so I was thrilled to pick up this vault! The following photos were taken the next day at storage since it was a long drive home.

The vault stuffed in my car!
The Base
The Table

It was the drive home I’ll never forget though. The first Coronavirus was confirmed in Alabama. I’m listening to the panic and worry unfold over the radio waves and all I want to do is get home. Take precaution. Stay home. Avoid public places. The media exploded with all things COVID-19.

After 7 more hours of driving, listening to the radio, and talking to family on the phone, I was glad to arrive home with a big piece of gym equipment in my car and ready for its new home at our gym.

I look forward to you all seeing it set up in our new gym and being used by our gymnasts! Hooray!

Have a great and successful day!


Sara Beth Gilbert

Owner/Head Coach

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