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The Easter Bunny Visits

Wow! I can’t tell you how surprised I was to arrive at our gym and catch the Easter Bunny inside! He said I wasn’t supposed to see him. Then he played at gymnastics and sat on the high beam. He was hiding Easter eggs when I told him we weren’t having classes right now because of the Coronavirus.

After he gathered his eggs, he wanted to see our new gym. He raced me across the parking lot. Do you know who got there first? Yep. The Easter Bunny. He’s SO fast!

When I showed him inside our new gymnastics, he climbed up the ladder quick as a jiff. When he finally came down, he insisted on hiding first.

Eventually, it was time for him to deliver more Easter baskets to boys and girls. He said he really liked the new gym and he’s excited to see us open. I grabbed a quick photo with him and then he hopped off quick as a wink.

What a spectacular day! I think I’ll remember it forever. I hope you catch a glimpse of him at your house. Happy Easter!


Have a great and successful day!


Sara Beth Gilbert

Owner/Head Coach


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