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Assembly Day

Whew! It’s been a very long day of setting up equipment just 1 day before its unveiling. It doesn’t look like it should take so long, but everything had to be done in a certain order and the spring floor had to be first. It took about half of the day to set up and assemble the spring floor. Slowly, things started falling into place and eventually looking like a gym.

With the exception of the spring floor carpet (color shown below), which is a couple weeks away from arriving, everything is set up. I have mats and padding on the spring floor until our carpet arrives. Then the mats will be used for other training.

Equipment List

We have a spring floor 12 x 34 feet along with the bungee incline, floor balance beam, low beam, and competition high beam. We have a single rail bar and springboard with the previous version vault. You’ll see lots of crash mats and a resi pit for further cushioned landings. Plus, we have a pommel horse trainer for boys, as well as a training set of parallel bars for boys. And, of course, we have an incline mat, blocks, octagons, and various other pieces around the gym.

Equipment for Later

I still have a few large pieces including a competition set of uneven parallel bars and an oversized resi pit almost three feet deep and a huge crash mat that I’m keeping for my next location, so they just will have to wait a little longer before making their gymnastics debut with us.

What’s Next

Tomorrow I’ll be working on decor and preparing for the ribbon cutting ceremony and open house. The ribbon cutting will happen at 4:00 Monday August 27th and the open house follows until 6:00 during which time you’ll have multiple opportunities to enter to win tuition! I hope to see many of you there!

Stop by tomorrow and check us out. Bring your kids or the whole family and let them get excited about the new space. We’ll start classes in September after the holiday.

I look forward to seeing you all and can’t wait to start this exciting year of gymnastics classes in our new and improved space! Join our growing gymnastics family where your children will discover themselves.

Class Options

We have parent and child, preschool, beginner, and intermediate/advanced classes plus tumbling for everyone and open gym (for intermediate and advanced gymnasts). Days and times vary with some morning and afternoon/evening options.

Tell your friends and come check us out tomorrow.

See you Monday for the big event!

As always, have a great and successful day!



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