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Making More History with Equipment

Earlier today, you saw this picture, but no real details accompanied it. Here’s the scoop, so you can share in my excitement.

We picked up the trailer this morning and then I taught swim lessons all afternoon. Upon arriving at home, we loaded up and hit the road for an hour plus pulling a trailer for the first time ever.

We met a gymnastics coaching couple who are transitioning to another gym and thus selling most of their equipment. At their storage units, much time was spent going over equipment and trying to make the best decisions on a budget, because if funds weren’t an issue, I would have bought virtually everything they were selling, but alas we’re back to reality.

It was obvious that our little 6×12 trailer wasn’t going to bring everything home today, so we made arrangements to bring some home later.

We then loaded up and headed to the gym to review most of the equipment on my wish list. One by one, we checked off items as they were loaded into the trailer. At the top of my list was a set of AAI uneven parallel bars. Yes, that’s right! I’m the proud owner of competition uneven bars finally. Hip hip hooray!

Another top priority that did not travel with us today is a large section of spring floor. While I really want the full spring floor, the budget just laughed, but this spring strip will be amazing!

Some other items that made the cut were some awesome 8 inch thick mats, folding panel mats, a monster fan, a low bar, a big foam tumbling strip for most gymnastics classes, another spring board, some boy training equipment, and some various other pieces.

Between the rain showers and streaks of lightning, the team loaded our equipment. We said our goodbyes for now and hit the road in the nick of time.

As soon as we were cruising up the highway, we saw lots of fog and then the bottom fell out. It poured hard, fast, and with a flooding capacity. Our speed dropped and my grip tightened on the steering wheel. The wipers sped up and up as we slowed further down. The reflectors were the only reason I could keep traveling even if it was only 15-20 MPH. Luckily after about 20-25 minutes of that, the worst of the storm passed and brilliant, bright lightning in the distance lit up the night sky. Zachary even commented he liked that lightning made outside so bright during nighttime.

Now it was about straight and steady all the way back to Chelsea. It was 8:45 before we got there to unload. We quickly but carefully tossed everything into storage and headed home.

We heard lots of “I’m sleepy” along the way before we got home to eat a quick dinner and crawl into bed at 10:00 when I sat down to write this post while Chris returned the trailer.

I want to say thank you to those of you in my classes this year. It is because of you that I was able to invest in this equipment.

While I still have a wish list, I feel we’ll have a nice collection to get us started in the fall.

Next up is location! Cross your fingers and say a little prayer that a location right here in Chelsea wants us as tenants. I, personally, think the space is near perfect and want to make it our home for gymnastics. We need this space, and I want you to have it so we can fill it with amazing equipment where the sky is the limit and dreams come true.

Chelsea, we’ve got a lot. I’m looking forward to summer classes at the community center and fall classes at a new location. Let’s hope everything works out!

Have a great and successful day!



2 thoughts on “Making More History with Equipment”

  1. How exciting! I’m praying you will find the perfect place here in Chelsea. I enjoyed reading about your acquisition adventure.


    1. Thank You So Much! I’m very grateful for your support. And you have a talented one. I look forward to seeing her on the bars. 😃


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