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How To Get In Full Classes

We’re having a lot of fun at gymnastics this year! As many of you know, some of our classes are completely full right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get in. Throughout the year, we have some gymnasts who advance to more challenging classes and others who move to a different class based on their age. Some families are involved in other sports during certain months and occasionally families move to another city. So we do get openings. I expect they will fill quickly this year though.

If you sign up for our waitlists through the registration process when you select a class, you get first dibs on a spot in that class. If you don’t sign up for the free waitlist, you may not get in.

Plus, as we continue to grow and have waitlists, I look for more ways to open classes that are in high demand. If we don’t have a waitlist, it’s easy to assume we don’t need any additional classes opened.

If you want in a class that’s full but register for a different class in order to get started in our gym, you still can join a waitlist for the class you prefer or want to add. We’ll notify you when there’s an opening and you either can transfer or add that class or pass and keep things the same.

Just remember, if you choose to skip the waitlist altogether or you pass when contacted from the waitlist, you may not have the opportunity to get in to that class later.

Next session, those currently enrolled have first chance to register before we notify the public, so it may become more challenging to get in to classes. We love having all of you and are working hard to accommodate everyone wanting to be a part of our gymnastics family.

So just remember, signing up for a waitlist is completely free! We work our way down that list first giving everyone the opportunity to join that class before we let the public register.

Also, with all our growth, we’re still looking for a larger gym space, so if you know anyone, have connections, or know investors, please send them our way. We would love to build or expand into an existing building here in Chelsea. We already have some great equipment just waiting for a larger setup. Thanks so much.

Have a great and successful day!


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