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Gymnast Spotlight and Retraining

I love welcoming new and trained gymnasts into our gymnastics family. It brings me a great deal of joy to see their successes, large and small.

We have a gymnast I was excited to welcome into one of our intermediate classes this fall. She had previous gymnastics experience with a number of skills including a back walkover and front limber but was not taught how to safeguard her body and execute skills with proper form.

This meant we had more muscle to build and new techniques to use while future skills were put on hold.

Aminalee has done extremely well fine-tuning her skills and building her necessary muscles. Here she is on the right November 27th performing a backbend with one leg and opposite arm in the air. This is a great demonstration of her growing strength and balance.

Her back walkover has come a long way. Check out her great progress in this video. She has much longer and stronger lines giving her spine the protection and support it needs for safe and fun gymnastics.

The following video demonstrates Aminalee’s front limber improvements, as well. Again, she’s engaging muscles along her core and through her shoulders and legs for a much safer execution.

As you can see in this video from November 6th, she has a great deal of power while executing her straddle over vault, even though we haven’t worked on her run yet.

With all of her perseverance to overcome previous training habits, you can see she’s a strong and talented gymnast ready to bud into more advanced skills. Like Addison, she also has started performing her back walkover with an elevated leg.

I’m excited to see what Aminalee masters next! Feel free to show your support by leaving a comment and/or sharing with your friends.

Have a great and successful day!



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