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Skill Progress – A New Gym First

Whew! Time is flying and I have gotten behind on skill progress updates between ALL of the activities in December and then the gym’s first birthday and 26 new students this month, so I’m working to play catch up now.

First up, our gymnast Addison has worked so hard in open gym. Back on December 3rd, I introduced her to a glide on bar. This skill is used across the uneven bars in many different ways, but it is the beginning of a glide kip as a mount onto the bars. It takes a lot of muscle to execute a successful kip, so I’m really glad we’ve worked our way up to the glide. This is a gym first as she’s the first one to be introduced to and perform the skill. 👏🏻 Great work, Addison!

Back on December 10th, she had a great day! Addison finally got her back walkover by herself. I need to take a new video, because now we’re working on an elevated front foot, which she’s done well with.


The grand highlight was on beam, though. After many repetitions on the floor beam and then the low beam, we were able to take it to the high beam. She did many by herself on the high beam! Here’s a video of several in a row. You can see her balance, form, visual spotting, speed, timing, and confidence have greatly improved making it possible to execute her cartwheel on the high beam. I’m very proud of her hard work, commitment to repetitions, and her ability and willingness to listen and apply my tips to help her achieve her end goal. Please help me celebrate this first for Addison and our gym. She has our first cartwheel on high beam! Congratulations, Addison!


If you feel inspired, share with your friends, as well. Addison deserves some recognition for this big skill. Leave a comment below to let her know you saw her videos and think she’s doing great.

Do you have a budding gymnast? Show them these videos. They’ll love seeing another gymnast in our gym performing new and more advanced skills. It’s great motivation to keep working. You never know what you’ll achieve next.

Have a great and successful day!


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