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Making Plans

If you can believe it, we are only 4 days away from our ribbon cutting ceremony and open house! I hope you can join us at 4:00 Monday and then step inside to look around and enter to win free tuition.

Today has been a productive day at the new place. Many things are happening all at once.

I went over early this morning and cleaned and stacked all of my equipment. Then I added some covers where necessary to protect the equipment.

While sweeping and mopping, the contractor’s crew came in to finish their work including switching the swing of the second door, patching some holes in the concrete floor, and removing glue and abrasive spots from the floor (after much discussion on how to resolve these issues).

David the painter arrived just in time for our final discussion on painting. They will be painting tomorrow. That means I can start my setup after that. Hooray! Because I need lots and lots of time that has slowly disappeared for one reason or another.

I’ve created a design for my store front, as well, and hope to get that done pretty soon. The sign should be making its debut anytime now.

I followed up with a company about our spring floor carpet. Did you know I’ve worked in a spring floor in our small space? The carpet will not arrive for another two to three weeks, so we will be using mats over the spring floor in the meantime. It won’t look as nice, but I think you’ll be excited with the end result. Here’s a sneak peek at the pretty color we’ll have for our spring floor!

I continue to work on registration and everything else that has to happen before we can open. I’ll post more updates over the next several days, so keep in touch to watch the progress.

Have a great and successful day!


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