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Update on the New Space

We stopped by the new space to see the progress. The walls are gone!🎉 Hallaleuah! Things are shaping up, but it’s not done yet. I decided not to photograph the big piles of debris as they made it feel less progressed and a little sad.

This week will be very busy! It’s all in anticipation of the upcoming ribbon cutting ceremony and open house on August 27th 4:00-6:00 – just one week away! Visit the event for info in winning free tuition.

Back to this week… The renovations will be completed. The walls will be painted. We will move equipment from 4 locations up to an hour + away. My storefront sign will be completed and hung. The front will be cleaned. It’s a good guess that vinyl for the windows won’t be completed this week. And decor for the inside might be on a similar delay. Either way, I’m really looking forward to next week’s big events to kick off our first full school year in business. And I can’t wait to have my equipment all set up!

When we arrived at the new space, my son ran straight to the training mushroom and expressed his gratitude and happiness. He knew it was boy equipment and felt special having something especially for boys to train on. That was one of those moments I want to tuck away and enjoy from time to time. It’s a perfect reminder of why I’m opening this gym. I want everyone to have a chance to feel special and good about themselves. I want them to discover themselves, their talents, and their strengths and weaknesses so they can grow into amazing individuals who set their sights on goals, achievements, and reaching victory. I hope they all feel the reward of a little hard work to learn new and fun things that only get better along the way.

It feels like a good time to share my favorite quote by author Flavia Weedn. “Those who reach touch the stars.”

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Have a great and successful day!



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