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Moving Day 1

It’s Moving Day! Well, it’s our first of several moving days. I’m super excited despite a little setback this week. It should be short-lived and I really hope so because this is a busy and very exciting month!

I unlocked the door for the first time since signing the lease.

The new place is not ready yet, but we started moving equipment today since we have lots to move this month and from different places. This day could not have happened without my husband and my dad. They did it all!

This first move was from the Chelsea Community Center. It is bittersweet and seems like just a few months ago we were moving in. 7 months has gone by quickly. I cannot thank the Community Center and staff enough for helping me get started, and I cannot thank our community enough for having patience and helping me grow so we can offer more. And I’m not done yet.

We’re loaded and ready to go! 1 of 2 trips.

As Dad said, “You have a lot more equipment than I remember dropping off.” That made me laugh. Yes, I’ve continued to acquire equipment to build this business for our community.

1st trip unloaded and in the new space.

Electricity will be turned on this week and I should hear back from the contractor who is fixing a few things.

And we’re out! Trip 2 of 2 today completes our move from the Community Center.

The second load is here and done. Vault base going through the door.

Low beam is home.

Mats are in.

And that’s it for today.

Whew! While I hate that I could not help today, I am so thankful we could move forward with our first move.

Stay tuned and don’t miss an update. It’s going to be a busy, productive, and exciting month, for sure!

While lots of setup still must happen, watch for ribbon cutting ceremony and open house details happening later this month.

Now these two awesome guys are going shopping for deck supplies today, including lots of lumber, for our new pool because we’ve got tons of projects to complete before my businesses are done. Check in with Splash Water Safety to follow that progress.

Have a great and successful day!


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