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Ages 8-11+ Beginner & Intermediate

This is one of my classes where I never take enough photos or videos because our skills are more challenging and require a lot of hands-on time and backup spotting, but I finally remembered to take a few moments to capture some of the skills they are focusing on.

These girls work so hard and always are discovering new things about themselves. I love introducing gymnasts to new skills, and these girls have risen to the challenge.

Here you’ll see Katie has almost mastered her full turn on the low beam as of today and Alexis and Libby are close to conquering the first phase of the straddle press handstand while Caylee has started her back handspring drills and Angeli has just started trying her straddle over vault.

Additionally, Caylee really started sticking her half turn on the balance beam today.

As you can see, these girls stay busy and work hard to get better, learn more, expand their skills, enhance their strength, motivate themselves, and find new challenges. I love watching them grow and look forward to our next class.

Be sure to tell them what a great job they’re doing. I’m so proud of their dedication and hard work. It’s really starting to show!

Have a great and successful day!



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