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Goals and Growth

You all know our program is new and we are growing. In just 6 weeks, we’re approaching 40% of my goal so we can move to a more permanent location here in Chelsea. I love the community center so much and wish they had a permanent home for us, but growth is inhibited due to setup and breakdown, equipment portability, space, and doorways.

Having a permanent setup would allow me to help you even more. More space. More equipment. More skills. More options. More events. More opportunities for everyone in our community!


I’m looking for a few things including that more permanent location so I can bring in the rest of my equipment and add more. Sometimes I can’t sleep thinking about the excitement of it all.

A few minimum requirements of the new space include the following.

  • open floor plan
  • high ceilings of 14+ feet
  • an absolute minimum of 1,000 square feet initially
  • in Chelsea with convenient access and safe surroundings

If you have any suggestions or connections, please send them to me. I’m reviewing all possibilities including rentals and purchases.

I would love to start the next school year at a permanent location here in Chelsea if at all possible.


I’m also hoping to find some very reliable instructors to join my team on Mondays and Thursdays as soon as possible. If you know anyone with gymnastics and/or teaching experience or who’s great with children and reliable from high school and college students to adults, please let me know or send them to me preferably via email so I don’t lose track. I’d love to have someone who shares this passion with me and wants to stay long-term (at least for a school year), but right now I need to find someone to help me finish out this school year.


For any of these exciting things to happen, we need more students, so tell your friends about our classes. I know with time we’ll reach these goals, but if you’d like to make it happen sooner, feel free to share with your friends, church groups, coworkers, mom groups, play dates, schools, childcare, social networks, and family. Together we can accomplish great things, and it’s my honor to work with you all.


A few of you have asked me about doing fundraisers for equipment. At this time, my biggest challenge is space and a permanent setup since the equipment is heavy, some is permanent, and it doesn’t fit through standard doorways, so until those issues can be addressed, I won’t pursue fundraising, but I am setting aside funds for equipment in the meantime. Most of you know I have a vault and high beam already. Additional needed equipment includes but is not limited to bars, crash mats, pit, and floor mats for starters. I just want you to know equipment is a high priority but location has to come first.


I’m enjoying all our classes and wonderful students. My enthusiasm grows with your children. They’re such pleasures to have in class, and I hope to expand your children’s opportunities further than their dreams. Thank you for giving me this opportunity in our community.

Have a great and successful day!


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